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Qingdao original beer series -- classic black beer

Qingdao original beer series -- classic black beer

Malt degree: 12°P
Alcohol degree: 4.5%vcl
Formula: Australian malt, 5 kinds of burnt malt, malt, 2 hops, fermented yeast under lager, special brewing water.

Brewers' notes: black raw beer brewed with whole wheat germ, suitable for Party Wine, drinking a little tipsy, drinking too much, no headache, good friends gathering, slow drinks in leisure and creating for the quality of life.
The wine maker uses the classic formula, adding black malt and various pyrochlar malt groups, obtaining coffee like aroma, red black wine and fine foam, adding the mainstream American brewflower Kass Carter, rich orange scented hops, moderate bitter taste, sweet taste, high quality strong yeast, unfiltered, retained yeast, Naturally brewing black original beer is the choice of quality life beer lovers.