Beer Factory Energy-saving Technology Patent

Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology Equipment Co. Ltd.

Saccharification equipment display system

Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology Equipment Co. Ltd.

Deemann Craft Beer Series

Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology Equipment Co. Ltd.

High Quality Water Source

The Deemann Beer is treated with high quality water source and treated strictly to ensure the quality of the brewing water is up to the standard.

Selection Of Imported Malt & Hops

The quality of fresh imported malt and various malt proportions, the United States Cathcart flavor hops, with strong wheat flavor and refreshing hops bitter and fragrance.

Long Fermentation Period

Using the classic German technology, low temperature fermentation period of more than 28 days, the mellow taste, fine foam, hanging cup lasting.

Do Not Add Dilution To Preserve Yeast

Whole malt fermentation raw liquid, no addition, no dilution, keep yeast.

About Qingdao Deemann

Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology Equipment Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in June 16, 1999. Since its establishment, The company has worked with German HUPPMANN company (The famous European beer saccharifying equipment manufacturer). After many years of hard work, it has continued to cooperate, study, study and make progress, and the mature understanding and design of beer brewing technology. With the accumulation of actual work in manufacturing, construction, commissioning and production, Deemann has become one of the best suppliers of beer saccharification system in China, pioneer of Chinese saccharification system technological innovation, and a pioneer in the establishment of China's beer equipment market model.

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