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About Us
Qingdao Deemann Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.) was founded in June 18, 1999. In the early days of its establishment, the six sets of 100M3 beer saccharification system equipment were completed in China, including Yanjing Beer, three hole beer (now Yanjing Beer three hole company) and Guangdong palace beer (now Taishan beer Laiwu company).

Qingdao Deemann introduced, assimilate and assimilate foreign advanced technology, and then take the concept of independent technology research and development as the foundation of his own beer based industry. After ten years of hard work, the colleagues in the industry recognized it.

Subsequently, it took part in the transformation project of Tsingtao Brewery's national big expansion of saccharification equipment, and completed the transformation and new project of nearly 30 sets of 35-60M3 saccharification equipment of Tsingtao Brewery group by introducing digestion German technology in 1999-2002 years. At the same time, it completed the 2 sets of 50M3 saccharification equipment of Yanjing beer Hunan company and the Xiangfan company of Yanjing Beer 50. M3 saccharification equipment

2002-2003 years with Germany Huppmann company to cooperate with the completion of the Chongqing beer (Tianmu Lake) Company 60M3 saccharification system equipment, and the Beijing Asahi Beer Co., Ltd. 75M3 saccharification system equipment, in 2004 with the German company to complete the Hebei Sihai Beer Co., Ltd. 100M3 sugar system equipment.

Since the beginning of Deemann in 1999, he began to design and manufacture saccharification equipment. The design, manufacture and construction of all the supporting components are adopted in China, and the performance of the saccharifying equipment tends to be consistent with the German equipment, thus forming a trend in the domestic beer industry and changing the production of saccharification equipment in the domestic beer industry the habit.

In the early 2003 -2005, in -2005, the company entered the key engineering field of beer saccharification system by international practice. It successively took on Yanjing Beer Xiangfan Co., Yanjing Beer Baotou Co., Chongqing beer Liuzhou Co., Ltd., Chongqing beer Yancheng limited company, Chongqing beer day Island Co., Ltd., Chongqing beer Zhijiang Co., Chongqing beer Shaoxing Co., Fujian snow and OED Beer Co., Ltd., Carlsberg Yinchuan Co., Lhasa Beer Co., Ltd. (now Carlsberg Lhasa Co., Ltd.) and a batch of domestic beer group saccharification system.

The success of the cross key project of the Deemann saccharification system greatly reduced the cost of the expansion of the brewery and the pressure of the personnel organization, and promoted the position and efficiency of the company in the domestic beer industry, and thus obtained a number of high-end subsidiary companies of Deemann: alfaa, APV, GEA, cath stone, Bray and paraq. Bulller, Su Ershou, grand rich, Haig, Dongyang new island, Shanghai far, Liyang, Anhui, Huai, Anhui silver dragon, Zhejiang University control, Inner Mongolia Ling Yi, Dezhou Jing Jin...

In 2006, the company began to enter the field of raw material processing - comminution system, participated in the Beijing exhibition in September of the same year, and introduced the integration system of raw material processing - crushing - saccharification in the domestic beer industry, which is recognized by the beer industry.

In June 2007, inbem beer Zhoushan Co., Ltd. 60M3 raw material processing - crushing - saccharification system was carried on. In just two years, the company has completed the 3 sets of 60 M3 raw materials (storage - Quzhou project) - processing - crushing - saccharification integration of inbeg beer, inbeb and beers Quzhou Co., Chongqing beer Fuling Co., Ltd. Thanks to its strong engineering design, manufacturing and construction management capabilities, all the projects have been successfully launched and received the praise and trust of users.

In 2007, Deemann began to involve the low voltage dynamic thermal energy recovery and transformation project of the saccharification system. First, it entered Huarun beer group. Because of the excellent performance of the dynamic thermal energy recovery system of the Delta, the Huarun beer group has been recognized. So far, the Huarun beer group and Chongqing beer, inbebo beer have been built and rebuilt. Nearly 40 sets of heat recovery projects of saccharification system in Carlsberg beer.

Qingdao Deemann step into the stage of technological independent research and development.

In the 2007-2009 year, according to the foreign data, the company developed independent technology to develop the wort cooling flash system. It was successfully applied to the InBev Zhoushan project, and was further applied in InBev, Putian and Nanchang.

The application of this system will make full use of the equipment of heat recovery system, realize the non steam evaporation after boiling, improve the evaporation rate of the wort effectively, save the investment, save energy and shorten the process time.

Co development of Jing Jin Deemann new modern wort press filter in 2009

With the comprehensive understanding and mastery of the brewing technology by Deemann, cooperation with the national filter press standard set up enterprise Jing Jin group to develop and popularize the new modern wort filter press of Jing Jin - de Man brand. It will give the brewery a brand new choice.

The prominent characteristics of the new modern wort filter press are as follows:

The design is based on the combination of traditional and modern, membrane and box optional.

The shape of the filter plate adopts the traditional structure, and the channel adopts the modern way: 2 mash entrance, four corners and 4 wort exits, 2 imports on the side of the wash water, 2 exits on the side of the wort, and the distribution of the mash, the balance of the wort, and the alternately turbulent washing of the distilled water;

Set up automatic cleaning device for filter plate to effectively improve machine efficiency and filter life.

The function of the saccharification system is effectively integrated into the operation control system of the filter press, which saves equipment resources, reduces labor intensity and energy consumption;

It is integrated with the control of saccharification system to facilitate continuous operation, reduce labor intensity and reduce equipment investment.

In recent years, the company has completed 4 sets of new 60-80M3 saccharification system equipment for Huarun beer group, and has become an important supplier of beer saccharification system equipment for Huarun beer group.

In 2009, Huarun Brewery Group set up 5 plants, of which 3 plants had signed a contract with the German company.

The core competencies of Qingdao Deemann -1

The design and manufacture of the saccharification system is in the forefront of the domestic technical level - from the beginning of its establishment, with the German HUPPMANN company, and it digested and absorbed the technology, made all the components, and the Tsingtao Brewery was talented. Won the trust of users and made the equipment performance and word-of-mouth always at the forefront of the same industry in China, so that it can occupy the market of saccharification equipment in the high-end beer factory in China.

The core competencies of Qingdao Deemann -2

The low cost construction management system of saccharification system engineering - establishing its own manufacturing, debugging team and powerful project management team, using the de Man construction team and the external construction team of the year cooperation to complete the construction of the main body of the project to achieve the lowest cost of the project and the effective result of the uniform quality of the project.

The core competencies of Qingdao Deemann -3

The integration ability, market reputation and high quality customer resources of the beer saccharification system in the domestic market - because of the ten years' market cultivation, the beer saccharification system has won a wide range of prestige in the domestic beer industry, accumulating a large number of high-end and loyal customers, Huarun, Chongqing, Tsingtao Brewery, Yanjing beer and Carlsberg beer. The InBev beer and so on are all Deman's high quality customers, and also enable Deman to have a good foundation for developing beer equipment outside the saccharification system.

The core competencies of Qingdao Deemann -4

High quality supporting supplier resources - a number of high-end subsidiary companies: alfaga, APV, GEA, Kate, Blee, spike, BLER, Su Ershou, grand rich, Haig, Dongyang lockout, Shanghai far, Liyang, the four square, Anhui Silver Dragon... It ensures the excellent quality and lowest cost of the de Man beer equipment system, and provides a fast and good service base, so that it is highly competitive in the market.

Deemann brewery brewery was born:

The German man beer workshop is our company investment about ten million yuan, since 2008 started the design plan. In the past four years, the research and construction of the domestic fine brew beer was built in the Qingdao Industrial Park, with the highest capacity of up to 10 thousand tons of beer, which covers only 2000M2, which uses a number of German patent technologies and is a beer production plant with energy saving and consumption reduction.

In the fall of 2009, the famous German beer brewing equipment company technology cooperation company, more than 30 years of domestic senior beer brewing equipment experts, and the Tsingtao Brewery for more than 50 years of wine making experts, have been concentrating on research, design, construction, brewing machinery and wine making to meet the dream factory required by the winemaker.

After three years in 2012, it was completed and put into operation, and the fresh beer "food production license" was obtained in December 2012. After three years of hard work and expansion of production, the "food production license" of bottled ripe beer was finally obtained in January 2016. As a result, a small beer brewing factory was registered to R beer brewing.

The experimental plant focuses on the brewing of brewing beer and the manufacture of related equipment. At the same time, we will explore the brewing technology of brewed beer and develop malt and high concentration yellow, red, brown, black and fruity fresh beer. With the development of the wine making technology, the experimental data of the German technology patent and the beer production system are accumulated, and the domestic beer breeds are innovating to meet the consumer's individual consumption demand and high end demand.