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Deemann chain factory joined
When the annual sales volume of the foreign port office of de Man fine brew beer exceeds 20 thousand cases, our company will provide a full set of technology and equipment in the form of the local market conditions and the coordination capacity of the local government and the local government, and build a local brewery chain brewery production agency with the local de Man beer mill chain to produce "Qingdao raw" fresh beer. Further promoting the influence of the German man's brewing in the locals.

Qingdao Deemann brewery R custom fine brewed office conditions
1. Has the ability to develop local custom brew and high-end beer market, with local catering, club, club, wedding and other industries, with the ability to sell 20 thousand cases of tailman's custom brewed beer in a year.
2. A well run and independent company with rich experience in operation and management and food business license.
3. Self owned brewing beer shop or brewed beer experience shop, independent management of beer.
Liquor warehouse warehouse, as a local beer distribution center conditions;
4. Brewing beer enthusiasts, optimistic about the development prospects of the brewing beer market, long-term operation of the brewing industry.