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Qingdao raw beer series - special red bee

Qingdao raw beer series - special red bee

Malt degree: 12°P

Alcohol degree: 4.5%vcl

Formula: Australian malt, 3 kinds of burnt malt, malt, 2 hops, fermented yeast under lager, special brewing water.

The wine maker's note: the red raw beer brewed by the whole malt and a variety of aroma components, suitable for Party Wine, drinking a little tipsy and stimulating, drinking too much without headache, happy friends gathering, slow drinks in leisure and creating for the quality of life.
The wine maker uses a special formula, adding a variety of malt malt, getting red wine, rich and hopping malt fragrance, adding imported wines, moderate bitterness, high quality and strong yeast, unfiltered, preserved yeast, natural brewed red raw beer, is the choice of quality beer lovers.