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Qingdao original beer series -- classic yellow beer

Qingdao original beer series -- classic yellow beer

Malt degree: 12°P

Alcohol degree: 4.5%vcl

Formula: Australian malt, scorched malt, malt, 2 hops, fermented yeast under lager, special brewing water.

The wine maker's note: the Yellow raw beer brewed with the classic malt process is suitable for party use, drinking a little tipsy and stimulating, drinking too much without headache, but also the best friend to gather, the slow drink in the leisure time and the first choice for the pursuit of the quality living people.
The wine maker uses the classic formula, adding special malt, in order to increase the malt fragrance and the color of the wine body, add the imported wines, select the high quality and strong yeast, unfiltered, keep the yeast, and naturally make the Yellow raw beer. It is the choice of the quality beer lovers.