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Craft Beer
Custom malt concentration 12 degree classic black beer

Fine wine, play is to customize - independent trademark, voluntary wine selection, small public beer, drink enjoyment, publicize personality, safe return, not only to you beer...
Introduction of the German man brewery custom brewing product series
Deemann beer workshopR custom brewed beer, to meet individual, bar, chain hotel and enterprise, group personalized customization demand, the launch of three series of "DEEMANN high consistency Beer Series", "deemann Beer Series" "original pulp classic Qingdao Beer Series", suitable for Chinese flavor brew beer 8 Wine and products for beer enthusiasts and enthusiasts to choose.
You can create a beer brand by yourself and earn money by playing beer on the side.
You can make wedding wine, wine for enterprise, wine for specific business activities, label your own design, and play a personality and style.
You can bring your own recipes and techniques to the DIY to make wine for hotels or bars.