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Craft Beer
DEEMANN Kas Carter

Malt degree: 16°P

Alcohol degree: 6%vcl

Formula: Australian malt, scorched malt, malt, 2 hops, fermented yeast under lager, special brewing water.
Wine maker's note: high concentration beer with yellow raw pulp made of whole wheat germ, typical taste beer, suitable for negotiating slow drink in leisure, drinking less, drinking better, and creating surprise for high quality living people.
The wine maker uses the classic formula to add special malt to increase the malt fragrance, the color of the wine body and the delicate foam, add the mainstream American fine brewflower Kass Carter, the rich orange scented hop, the moderate bitterness, the sweet taste, the high quality and strong yeast, the unfiltered, the yeast preserved, and the natural yellowing. High concentration beer is the best choice for tasting beer.