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Craft Beer
DEEMANN Raga Yellow Beer

Malt degree: 12.5°P

Alcohol degree : 4.6%vcl

Formula: Australian malt, 3 kinds of burnt malt, malt, 3 hops, lager yeast, and special brewing water.

The wine maker's note: the red raw pousy beer made from the whole wheat germ, the typical tasting class beer, is suitable to negotiate the slow drink in leisure, drink less, drink better, and create for the pursuit of quality living people.
Brewers are selected from 12 kinds of formula, brewed with five kinds of special malt groups, which form a red wine body, rich malt fragrance, wine color and fine foam. A large number of American mainstream fine brewery Kass Carter is added. The higher bitterness value, the sweet aftertaste, the unfiltered, retained yeast, the natural finished red.