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Qingdao Deemann step into the stage of technological independent research and development
Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the outstanding professional companies in beer saccharification system equipment, with the most users and the best performance of the beer saccharification system integrated supply company.

The main operators and technicians all engaged in the beer saccharification system for more than twenty years. The enthusiasm, persistent perseverance, persistent dedication and professional spirit are our commitment to the user and the success of the market. It is also the reason why users continue to follow the Qingdao Deemann company.

Since its establishment in 1999, Qingdao Deemann Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. has chosen to cooperate with famous international companies to improve the level and quality of products.

From 1998 to 2004, cooperation with German HUPPMANN company, and with German HUPPMAN company, completed 8 sets of 8 sets of beer saccharification systems (Yanjing Beer, three hole beer, Shandong Guangdong palace beer and so on 6 sets of 100 cubic meters of beer saccharification system project, and Beijing Asahi Breweries Ltd 1 sets of 70 square meter beer saccharification system engineering, Chongqing beer Tianmu Lake company has 1 sets of 60 cubic meters of beer saccharification system engineering.

In 2004, he worked with STEINCKER company in Germany to complete 1 sets of 100 cubic meters of saccharification system engineering in Hebei Chengde Sihai company.

Qingdao Deemann Technology Equipment Co., Ltd., in 2002, established a more than 40 mu manufacturing plant in Qingdao, equipped with a variety of special processing equipment required for the manufacture of stainless steel equipment, such as large diameter container polishing machine, flat polishing machine, container polishing machine, sub light processor, scissors, scissors, plasma cutting machines, argon arc. The welding machine, driving, lathe, milling machine and so on, all the saccharification equipment and its special parts have realized self design and self-made. It ensures the quality of the equipment, the advanced quality and the autonomy of the after-sale service, and provides the guarantee for the long service of the brewery.

In order to provide the brewery with cheaper quality and more guaranteed saccharifying system equipment, we are equipped with a special DIN11850 sanitary pipe and polishing machine. Our DIN11850 sanitary pipeline has been used in 60 cubic meters of beer saccharification system in Yanjing Beer (Baotou snow deer). It has been used in a number of brewery projects such as Chongqing beer Liuzhou, Yancheng, Nanchang, Nanchang, Anhui, Amethyst beer company and so on.

In 2006, the company introduced technical personnel and technical workers specializing in making beer raw materials cleaning and malt humidifying mill, producing raw material cleaning and humidifying mill equipment, aiming at further developing domestic beer raw material processing and integrated supply market for saccharification system, in order to realize the system of raw material cleaning and saccharification and saccharification. Integrated control of heart control room has been pursued by Qingdao Deemann Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.